Techno Classics on YouTube

Back then, in the early part of the 90’s, while CD’s just started to grow up and killed the Cassette Tape, I was still using them as a teenager, to listen and explore this hypnotic sound of the early Techno and Trance music.
Those days I could not afford myself to buy CD’s, not to talk about a CD Player! So I just used to record my favorite music from my brother or friends. Time pass, and Tape Players become more and more like a dinosaurs in our modern media age.
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Korg iElectribe R for Apple iPad

Korg’s Electribe series of groove boxes, was first released in 1999, with the launch of the Korg Electribe A and, Korg Electribe R. A powerful, yet simple drum and bass machines, that made a lot of noise at the end of the 90’s.
The huge success of this two loop monsters, made Korg to come up with a more powerful, still simple to use groove boxes, named as Electribe ESX and Electribe EMX.

Now Korg has decided to take this great groove boxes, and renew it, in a fully functional version of an Apple iPad App. Check it out in this cool video guided tour by Korg.

History of electronic music: the early years

I recently found this nice (Although a bit old but still relevant) article, that gives a good brief to the birth and history of the early years in electronic music.
Originally written by: Sabrina Surovec – © 2002 Pagewise

One of the most recent innovations to musical genre occurred in the 60’s with the birth of the first electronic keyboard. Electric organs were the first to appear and become widely used (Voxes, Hammonds, Farsifas), electrically amplified pianos soon followed (Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet) and, of course, the Mellotron, which was a kind of a pioneer sampling device, most famously used by The Beatles (in the “Strawberry Fields Forever” intro), King Crimson, and The Moody Blues. Although the electronically produced sound was very distinct in some of the songs, it still wasn’t true Electronica – the inclusion of acoustic and/or electric guitars, bass guitar and live drumming, etc. were dominant in the song’s sound, thus classifying it as Electro-Acoustic music.

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