New Son of four-voice from Tom Oberheim

SON OF 4 VOICE’s SEMs bring back vintage ’70s design

100% discrete analog … absolutly no custom chips.

The audio that screams from an SEM is fat, fine and funky, with a tonal variety unlike any other sound-generating device on this rock we call home. Gang up four of these monsters, and you’ve got sounds that’re thicker than thunder.
SO4V can be used as a 4-voice polyphonic synth or as 4 individual synths under MIDI control. Two SO4Vs can be ganged together to create an 8-voice.
The Polyphonic Voice Control and Programmer section retains all the features of the original Four Voice Programmer and Keyboard control modules, while adding gotta-have-’em goodies like these:
• Two MIDI sync capable LFOs with multiple waveshapes including sample and hold per voice
•Two programmable ADSR envelope generators per voice
• Selectable master tuning (both VCOs or VCO2 only) allows easy detuning for huge unison sounds
• Polyphonic portamento with linear or exponential response
• Noise generator connected to filter input #1
• External audio or A440 tuning reference connected to filter input #2
• Updated output module with mix and pan control for each voice
• Two SO4Vs can be easily connected together – result: eight voices!
Each SO4V is equipped with a Tom Oberheim signature plate.
The Tom Oberheim SON OF 4 VOICE will bring classic audio whomp to your arsenal of sounds. There’s nothing else like it anywhere.
Specifications subject to change.
SO4V availability: May 2011 / Price: $3,495. To pre-order contact Geoff Farr at 310-995-0100 or via email: geoff (at) gsfagency (dot) com
SEM-related product questions may be directed to Tom Oberheim: tom (at) tomoberheim (dot) com”